Mission, vision and values

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CITMAga was born to be a pillar of excellence in the ecosystem of innovation and research and mathematical technology of Galicia, attracting and retaining talent, with a strong commitment to knowledge transfer and giving Galician and Spanish society and industry a competitive and sustainable advantage. through access to first-class innovative technologies.

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CITMAga aims to become a national and international benchmark for our excellent scientific results and for obtaining a remarkable economic and social impact through the transfer of knowledge.

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  • Academic freedom, for research and innovation, allowing the generation of novel and unconventional ideas and, therefore, contributing to the expansion of the frontiers of scientific knowledge.
  • Excellence, supporting initiative and experience, as well as orientation to research and innovation, exceptional training and mentoring, efficient and effective management, and transparent governance.
  • Equal opportunities and treatment, regardless of sex, age, social or religious status. Diversity will be recognized and equity and female vocations will be promoted, supporting the development of the different capacities, talents and opinions of the members of CITMAga.
  • Sensitivity towards global challenges, directing the efforts of CITMAga to deal with these problems that affect society and its well-being in a global sense.
  • Collaboration , both internally between members of the centre, contributing to the different programs and research areas, and externally with partners from the academic, industrial and social, autonomous, national and international fields.
  • Ethics and accountability, in all aspects of each activity of CITMAga, with a professional and responsible attitude, establishing a code of good practices. Special attention will be paid to the adoption of measures to avoid the dual use or misuse of the research results of the projects promoted and developed at CITMAga. In particular, projects with a military orientation will not be carried out.
  • Social responsibility, contributing to economic growth, improving the quality of life, and helping development in developing countries, improving mathematical training and the transfer of knowledge to new generations and society.
  • Commitment to Open Science, in all our activities, not only limiting ourselves to supporting open publications, but also data and open source, supporting the EOSC Declaration and adhering to its principles.