Causal-based optimization for micro-perforated absorbers

14 sep 2022
en línea (MS Teams)

“Causal-based optimization for micro-perforated absorbers” impartido Teresa Bravo del CSIC - Instituto de Tecnoloxías Físicas y de la Información "Leonardo Torres-Quevedo" (ITEFI).

Fecha: 14 de septiembre

Hora: 11:00 h.

Lugar: en línea (MS Teams)

Duración: 40 min


Dissipation of unwanted acoustic contamination at low frequencies is difficult by traditional methods because of the dimensions and weight required. Micro-Perforated Panels have been developed as efficient sound absorbing structures constructed without porous materials. However, to achieve optimal and broadband performance in the low frequency range, the physical constitutive parameters should be carefully optimized. Current optimization algorithms are based on the maximization of the total absorption coefficient averaged over a frequency band, that requires a compromise between the bandwidth and the thickness of the control device. In this work, the problem is analysed on the basis of a causality criterion.

This principle is generalized from its formulation in the field of electromagnetism to obtain a relation that correlates the thickness-to-bandwidth performance of a micro-perforated absorber to its total absorption coefficient. Using this relation, an optimization procedure is presented for the sequential selection of the optimal physical parameters for single-layer partitions.


Actividad co-financiada con la colaboración de la Consellería de Cultura, Educación, Formación Profesional e Universidades