Rational functions and the AAA algorithm

25 Mai 2023
Aula Magna da Facultade de Matemáticas, USC

"Rational functions and the AAA algorithm", organizado por CITMAga. Será impartido por Nick Trefethen (University of Oxford and Harvard

Data: xoves 25 de maio 

Hora: 10:00 h.

Duración: 1 hora

Lugar: Aula Magna da Facultade de Matemáticas, ou ben en liña a través da ligazón Teams meeting. Conferenciante por Teams.


Much of mathematics starts from polynomials, but rational functions have a special power because their poles are not constrained all to lie at infinity. Until recently, there was no reliable method to construct rational approximations to functions on real and complex sets. This has changed with the appearance of the AAA algorithm (Nakatsukasa-Sete-T. 2018). We will present the algorithm and demonstrate a number of applications, including data fitting, analytic continuation, and the solution of PDEs.