Simulating Particle-Laden Viscoelastic Flows: Insights from OpenFOAM Numerical Simulations

19 Xul 2023
En liña

"Simulating Particle-Laden Viscoelastic Flows: Insights from OpenFOAM Numerical Simulations"organizado por CITMAga. Será impartido por Célio Fernandes (Faculty of Engineering at University of Porto Center of Mathematics (CMAT) at University of Minho, Portugal)

Data: mércoles 19 de xullo

Hora: 13:00 h.

Duración: 40 min

Lugar: En liña (MS Teams)


Understanding the behavior of particle-laden viscoelastic fluids (PLVF), in which the continuous or matrix phase exhibits viscoelastic properties, is a crucial element of industrial operations. Simulating
the dynamic response of PLVF is a significant challenge for computational mechanics (CM) due to the intricate rheology of the continuous phase and the nonlinear many-body interactions among the constituents.
Although Direct Numerical Simulations (DNS) offer a potential solution to these computational challenges, the significant computational effort required makes them impractical for many
applications. As a result, a popular alternative for numerically simulating PLVF is to employ the Computational Fluid Dynamics-Discrete Element Method (CFD-DEM) coupling strategy.
In this presentation two different formulations of the CFD-DEM algorithm will be described. The first formulation, employed a finite volume viscoelastic fluid flow solver coupled with an immersed
boundary method. The second formulation describes the development of an unresolved CFD-DEM Eulerian-Lagrangian which employed particulate-phase viscoelastic drag models that are valid for a wide range of process fluids and material parameters.